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Overland Park Dentists

Overland Park family dentists, Dr. Robert Biggs and Dr. Sharon Biggs, husband and wife, have more than 25 years of dedicated service to our family of patients in the Windmill Village Office Park at 95th and Metcalf Avenue. The foundation of our Overland Park dental office is an established commitment to practicing the best, most conservative, preventive, and comprehensive dentistry focused on enhancing the overall health, fitness, and natural beauty of our patients' smiles. We enjoy caring for patients of all ages, and provide pediatric dentistry for young children to senior geriatric dentistry for senior citizens. In addition you have the option of selecting a male or female dentist for your personalized care.

We respect your time.

By carefully planning our time commitments and not overbooking our dental patients, we can provide plenty of unhurried attention to all of our dental patients. In addition, we almost always run on time, eliminating the need to wait in our reception area.

We do not double book or over-schedule.

In a quiet, relaxing environment, the gentle dentists and their professional staff schedule only one patient at a time to deliver complete attention and outstanding service to you as a most important client. We do not run from room to room checking and treating other patients during your scheduled appointment with us.

We do not use dental hygiensts to clean our patients' teeth.

Each dentist is responsible for their patients' Dental Hygiene and Dental Cleanings. This allows the dentists the opportunity to spend more valuable time with their important patients and insure we provide the best quality Dental Hygiene.

We respect you and your right to choose your care.

We provide many Dental Second Opinions to patients who have seen other dentists that tell them they need thousands of dollars of treatment. We absolutely do not over treat or push our opinions regarding care on our patients. We will clearly identify for you objective diagnostic findings of our dental examinations. We will then explain to you all the treatment options you have based on your diagnosis. We will help you understand what those options mean to you in terms of the financial cost, advantages and disadvantages of each option. You the patient, having reached an understanding of your situation will decide how best you want to be treated.

We practice rigorous Dental Sterilization and Infection Control.

Our professional doctors and staff take your safety and ours very seriously. We follow rigorous standards developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), Kansas Dental Board and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

We have an on-site master dental technician.

With more than 30 years of experience, an impeccable eye for color, shape, detail and a deep and sincere concern for providing the very best, Joe Milana creates some of the most natural, beautiful Dental Crowns, Dental Implants and Dental Bridges in the Kansas City area. He is able to custom match and accurately reproduce the most complex shape and shade to recreate the natural beauty of your teeth in porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers. He makes extensive use of a powerful microscope to insure the most precise fit and detail of your dental restoration. Joe is responsible for the entire process of fabricating your dental restorations from start to finish. We do not utilize commercial dental labs who utilize myriad numbers of assembly line employees or foreign country labs to manufacture your precious work.

We demonstrate our practice's commitment to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care and service by our actions, not our words. You can read our patients Overland Park Dentist Reviews.

Make an appointment today with Robert Biggs,DDS and Sharon Biggs,DDS for your Overland Park Dentist, Overland Park Family Dentist, and Leawood Dentist needs.

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